7 times!! World record, since Port Revel (PRL) center creation in 1957!

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Here is a small interview of John CARLIER - President of San Francisco Bar Pilot (SFBP) Association

'What is your opinion about PRL evolution from your first course in 1992?'

John CARLIER: 'The collaboration between the school and the pilots is incredible. We manage together to develop training for greater efficiency. PRL has put the means to evolve with tugs and permanent modification of the lake. It is very pleasant to be able to exchange and develop the courses for great efficiency.'


'After 7 courses, how to be always motivated and always learn new things?'

John CARLIER: 'Every time I come, there are new things: new boats, currents generators, new maneuvering areas... The instructors at the center can thus constantly invent new exercises and push us to our limits, ever more far. We are very tired at the end of the day!'


'From your point of view, what can be the next evolution of pilot’s training in general and specifically for manned models?'

John CARLIER: 'Continued keeping up with changes in technology available, whether it be in Nav Tech, propulsion, ship size or design…'